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Marilyn Monroe roasts Bill Clinton
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Click here for the humor pages and get in deep with Marilyn Monroe on Bill Clinton

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Borland is back!

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Welcome to the web page! We have free stuff: Free e-mail, web browser software, and Internet access. Start your (FREE) Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 (an immense file) download, or download Netscape Navigator 4.73 (FREE), or the fabulous Infoseek GO Network Express Search 2.0 multiple search engine browser add-on for Windows95/98/NT4.0 (also freeware), or click on the WinZip icon to get WinZip 8.0 (shareware).

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Check up on the latest News, sports with game scores and standings, weather (with National Weather Service satellite maps), stock quotes and volumes of the latest business news. Read the entertainment news, with movie reviews, and concert reviews. There are features on health, life, lifestyle, technology, computing, and the Internet.

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Also find books ( is affiliated with the book/gift sellers Barnes and Noble -- see the bottom of the Domain Names page -- and with, and magazines from who claim the title of the lowest magazine prices on the web. Start your own web empire at with the FREE Internet domain names search (click the search box to the right) and registration (InterNIC fee applies for registration), or find FREE dial-up Internet access (supported by sponsors).

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Jobs: is a affiliate -- see the bottom of the Domain Names page -- and links to! The link to is the image of the handsome fellow at the upper right. Job seekers and Human resources managers should always begin their search here at

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In the upper left is the search engine; more search engines may be found in the inner pages of DotCom email is available at the right

Amateur Radio News and Webrings Page

At the bottom of the page is the swimmer. She is tropical and exotic, but perhaps a bit too racy for some tastes. To navigate to the AR Webrings page, click on the swimmer. Return to this page in similar fashion.

Marilyn Monroe and Bill Clinton
Marilyn Monroe Bill ClintonFollow Marilyn Monroe (left) to the old, stale, Bill Clinton jokes page.

Infoseek GO Network Express Search 2.0 -- Featured Freeware
Infoseek GO Network Express Search 2.0Just to the right: Infoseek Express is the featured free software for today: you can download the fabulous GO Network Express Search 2.0 multiple search engine browser add-on for Windows95/98/NT4.0. This is the updated release of the special edition co-hosted by and Infoseek/GO Network that searches numerous sources simultaneously and has special features from
Infoseek GO Network Express Search 2.0
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Netscape 4.73 FREE!
Netscape 4.73 FREE!

Netscape 4.73 FREE!
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Internet domain name and e-mail
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